SCE Group is a privately owned Australian enterprise specialising in:

  • The provision of plant, equipment and ancillary equipment to heavy industry and mining operations for the management of bulk raw materials, production by-products and industrial cleaning applications. This includes the transfer, transportation, stockpiling and management of raw materials and the collection, recycling and disposal of industrial and mining by-products.    
  • The production and blending of road pavements and quality aggregates for the construction industry through the processing of quarried basalt and the recycling of industrial by-products and demolition spoil.     
  • The production and delivery of pre-mixed concrete for the construction industry in regional NSW.

SCE Group’s strength is its ability to develop cost effective, innovative and efficient materials management solutions for its clients.

SCE Group takes pride in the quality and effectiveness of the service provided.

SCE Group achieves its goals by:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Providing an organisational structure that supports mutual trust and respect.
  • Conducting business ethically and lawfully to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Developing effective relationships with clients and employees through free and open communication.
  • Developing the skills of its employees.
  • Maintaining management systems that ensure the provision of safe, efficient, quality services to clients.
  • Continual Improvement through scheduled self audits and reviews.
  • Expecting excellence in client service from its operatives and from product quality.
  • Respecting and conserving the environment in all its business and operational activities

R. Newman

Managing Director

23 January 2009