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July 8, 2022

Key considerations before starting a large road or pavement construction project

Key considerations before starting a large road or pavement construction project

Delivering a quality road, pavement or site access project for your client on time and within budget, while also turning a profit, is no easy feat. There are significant challenges for both clients and contractors to deliver the best possible result.

That’s why it’s essential you take the time to plan and organise your road construction projects to meet all expectations, including material choice, logistics, impacts on the environment as well as money saving options.

SCE offers a variety of innovative road and pavement construction material solutions. Here’s five ways we can help you save time, money and effort when planning your next project

1. Choose the right materials

It is important to use high quality and reliable road base materials to help reduce the need for repairs in the future.

The process energy usage and resulting greenhouse gas emissions from recycling aggregates is around 4 kg CO2-e per tonne. This could represent up to 46% fewer emissions than an equivalent quarry product (ARRB Group Jan 2009)

Replacement of quarry products with recycled aggregates in a road construction will bring considerable reductions in embodied energy (and lower CO2-e emissions). The advantage of recycled crushed concrete is associated with physical properties. This suggests that for the same product weight as certain crushed quarry rock, the crushed concrete alternative offers an additional 10–15 per cent product volume.

SCE can provide you with quality recycled materials as well as bulk delivery. We provide innovative material solutions that reduce waste and environmental impact. We can even customise material specifications to your requirements.

2. Reduce Waste

Many types of materials can be safely and efficiently reused in future projects, which further helps you reduce your environmental impact. Reducing the waste produced in a construction project begins with your project planning. SCE’s team of materials experts can turn construction and demolition waste, excavated soil and minerals into quality recycled materials

3. Transport of Materials

Employing vehicle efficiency strategies can cut down on emissions and fuel usage on construction projects, helping reduce overall spend.

From port to warehouse, there is nothing the team at SCE can’t transport, handle and store to make your business run more efficiently. We have access to a fleet of over 100 vehicles, including truck and dog, semi-trailer and B double combinations, ready to move your material safety, quickly, cost-effectively and compliantly

4. Sustainability

Putting in place an environmental protection strategy in construction project planning, building sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in construction will go a long way towards reducing environmental impacts and protecting our world in the future.

While the perception that sustainable construction is expensive, research shows that money is saved through reduced operating costs thanks to the sustainable materials used.

5. Save time, money and effort with SCE

From transport and logistics to materials, we’ll partner with you to create a custom solution that helps you get the most out of your processes and materials. And always to the highest safety and quality standards.

Need help with your next project? Contact the SCE team today.