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February 26, 2020

Looking for new ways to solve old challenges

At SCE, we are always looking for smart new ways to reduce waste and environmental impact. With resources becoming more precious and waste more costly, our innovation focus is on getting the maximum value out of our customers materials.

This includes introducing new industrial technologies, innovative material recycling and well-designed service delivery to drive safety and reduce environmental impact.

James Davies, SCE’s Materials Innovation and Technical Manager is at the forefront of these developments, including examining new solutions that could be used in civil applications.

“We are always looking at new ideas and waste streams. For example, we look to understand commercial wastes and how they can be re-used in civil applications.

“We’re also working with a customer in the coal sector to re-screen oversize coal reject product and put it back through the washing process. Hopefully, it can then be used as coal.”

Towards the circular economy

Breaking new ground Davies says one hundred percent of the waste product coming through SCE’s gates is turned into a recycled product, a key point of difference in the market.

“We continue to add value to recycled products to ensure a better product leaves our sites,” Davies said. “This includes developing blends of recycled waste materials to maximise the value of our recycled products.”

James was joined recently by engineering graduate Tobin Harvey, appointed to the role of technical coordinator.

“I’ve been focussing on identifying opportunities for recycling of new waste streams and supporting James with our research into new uses of waste materials,” Tobin said.

Tobin also organises product testing and maintains test records as part of SCE’s quality control procedures.

SCE goes intermodal

Looking for new ways to solve old challenges SCE's transport division is also looking at different ways to solve customer problems, including exploring the use of intermodal transportation to solve a problem on behalf of a client in the manufacturing sector.

Intermodal transportation involves the use of two modes of transport, road and rail, moving goods from shipper to consignee. Under the proposal, SCE is investigating the use of purpose-built shipping containers to allow efficient loading and unloading of product.

“We are looking to implement a road and rail transport solution to reduce freight costs while maintaining delivery performance and improving efficiencies on the customer's site," explains SCE Sales Manager, Cameron Clode.

"The final solution may involve modifying the container to allow the transport of general freight one way and bulk raw material the other. This will maximise the use of capital, driving the cost down – a win for both SCE and the customer."

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