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May 8, 2019

New weighbridge to improve turnaround time and safety

A new inbound weighbridge at SCE’s Resource Recovery Facility in Wollongong will fast-track unloading and loading times for drivers as well as improve public road safety.

SCE Recycling’s Operations Manager Craig Bill explains separate inbound and outbound weighbridges will improve traffic flow, speed up the weighing process, reduce queuing and, most importantly, support the company’s safety-first approach.

"This new incoming weighbridge will help speed up the weighing process and increase throughput, enabling more vehicles to be weighed in a shorter amount of time," said Bill.

“It’s also going to dramatically reduce congestion at our entrance on Shellharbour Road and speed up the whole process with all incoming and outgoing trucks having their own dedicated weighbridge.

"We are not going to have trucks lining up on Shellharbour Road waiting to come in and trucks inside waiting to go out, which is safer for the public as well."

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Weighbridge operations have an important role to play in the efficient operation of SCE’s recycling site. Apart from measuring and controlling the flow of materials into and from site the new weighbridge also includes innovative monitoring and recording systems to assist in identifying contaminated loads.

“The weighbridge system really is at the heart of our business. It allows us to not only collect data but also to analyse our efficiency.”

High-tech surveillance
“With the new high-tech cameras, we can zoom right in to the back of a truck for a closer examination of the load,” explains Bill.

“We still have a person doing a physical inspection but if we are suspicious of a load or need a second opinion, we can zoom in on that and have a good look.

"We also have the ability to record trucks coming onto the site. If a truck is known for bringing in contaminated materials, we can capture it an add it to a database so in future it will come up as a red flag for further inspection.”

New rules apply for all vehicles

The introduction of the new weighbridge will require a change in practice for all customers and Bill says patience during this transition process is essential.

“Apart from improving traffic flow we also have a new unloading set up making the whole area wider and safer, making a big difference to the whole facility.”

All vehicles must follow directional signage on site with further directions provided by weighbridge staff. For further information on access, please contact the weighbridge on 4274 9072.