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December 1, 2022

Our people are our greatest asset

Despite the many challenges faced in the last few years, SCE's goal remains to be a leading provider of materials handling, operations services, and product suppliers to their various industries. 

The breadth of skills and capabilities SCE offers means clients, in most cases, only deal with one contractor. This significantly reduces risk, time, cost, and complexity. 

Backed by over six decades of industry knowledge, expertise, and a track record to match, SCE's Managing Director, Michael Aubin, says people remain its greatest asset. 

"Although we present a comprehensive equipment offering, our expertise and service level continue to distinguish us from the competition," Aubin said. 

"With the ongoing challenges of Covid19, maintaining a high level of communication with our workforce was very important. 

"Our workforce's physical and mental well-being has been, and will remain, at the forefront of our engagement strategies."

Challenging environment

Given the challenging macro environment, Aubin said SCE sought to consolidate its position in its various market segments. 

"Ultimately, our aim has been to develop cost-effective, innovative, and efficient materials-handling and product solutions for our clients. This will continue to differentiate us from our competition."

"Like the broader community, we were affected by employees contracting Covid and/or being required to isolate as close contacts."

With the much-publicised labour shortages domestically, employee engagement and retention remain a high priority and area of focus across the SCE Group. 

"We continue to align our labour structures to service the needs of business units and customers. All while maintaining our strong focus on retaining and developing skilled and qualified employees as the Group's most valuable asset.  

"We've made several new staff appointments, particularly in our recycling and quarry division, representing a greater focus on sales, marketing, and technical expertise."

Focussed on opportunity

Aubin confirmed these businesses are now well-placed to take advantage of stable trading conditions after the effects of extreme weather events and COVID in the last couple of years.

"We are keen to look for opportunities to grow and diversify the organisation in a rapidly changing business environment.

"We will continue to focus on opportunities with current and prospective clients who value our service offering. 

"This will further cement our market-leading position across the diverse market sectors in which we operate."

Community matters

Safety and family are at the core of SCE's culture and values. Encouraging people to have courage and compassion, to look out for their mates and themselves, and ensure that everyone goes home from work safely. 

SCE is also committed to positively contributing to the communities in which it operates.  

"We remain heavily associated with Life Education and the Homeless Hub, which provide an outstanding service to the regions in which they operate.

"Importantly, our strong culture has allowed us to thrive in a challenging operating environment. I could not be prouder of how our team has come together to drive our success."