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November 7, 2018

SCE discharges first grain ship at Port Kembla

GrainCorp’s grain terminal in Port Kembla has received its first grain by ship in more than 18 years due to low production from drought affected farmers. The grain will be used by east coast manufacturers.

SCE Transport and Logistics won the work to transport the grain from berth to GrainCorp silos based on its value proposition, including a customised truck configuration that minimises opportunities for spillage, while maximising payload.

“Being the first grain ship discharge of its type in nearly 20 years, there were many new challenges to overcome, which working in collaboration with GrainCorp we were able to resolve,” said Paul Minogue, SCE’s Transport Operations Manager.

SCE Transport and Logistics have also been providing transport for this grain on a routine basis from the silos to a nearby temporary conveyor system adjacent to the railway for transfer into trains.

“We’ve also been able to provide GrainCorp with recycled aggregate to make road modifications around tight corners, not normally used for large trucks,” Minogue added.

GrainCorp Operations Manager, Brendan Moss said he was pleased with how well the whole receival and train loading process has come together, considering the facility was only ever designed for the export of grain.

“We are now planning further improvements to the process in consultation with SCE Transport and Logistics,” Moss said.

SCE Transport and Logistics have been asked to provide transport for the discharge of the next ship. Train loading is then expected to take place daily.

Grain shipments are expected to continue until the end of 2019.

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