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March 4, 2019

SCE focus on driver health and wellbeing

Driver health and wellbeing is a feature of SCE’s safety strategy this year, with an emphasis on heavy vehicle drivers who, as industry statistics show, are at high risk of injury and chronic disease.

"We recently completed OzHelp’s Workplace Tune-up for our heavy vehicle drivers and loader operators,” explains Mal Kains, SCE’s Group Safety and Compliance Manager.

“As part of the program, our drivers received individualised results and recommendations addressing their physical and mental health.

“We also received a benchmark report, which is a snapshot of the overall health and wellbeing of our workforce.”

Transport workers are subject to a unique set of health risks in their working environment, including sedentary jobs, long working hours and shift work, isolation, fatigue and limited access to nutritious food among others.

The federal government sponsored health program addresses risk areas including diabetes, chronic disease, healthy weight targets, wellbeing, nutrition, and physical exercise.

“After undertaking a confidential online health and wellbeing screening, our drivers received tailored results and strategies to improve their health and wellbeing including access to ongoing coaching, if required,” Kains said.

“We are now using the benchmark data to assist us in targeting prevention programs that will have the greatest potential impact on driver health and productivity across the organisation.”

SCE’s Transport and Logistics Division provide diverse operations including loading and haulage, stockpile management, warehousing and distribution and port services, including mobile ship loading and truck unloading equipment.

SCE offer these flexible and tailored services for its customers in the industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, waste, building and construction and mining sectors.

Based on its early success, SCE is planning to roll out the Workplace Tune-up program to all staff.