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July 4, 2018

Quality controls fit for purpose products

When it comes to quality control of recycled materials, SCE is the industry leader carrying out routine inspections on all incoming materials as well as checking all materials throughout the recycling process.

Operating licenced resource recovery facilities in Wollongong and Newcastle, the company also provides material test results on all finished products, including EPA compliant certification.

Established in 1961, SCE employs a technical team and quality assurance officers to ensure client needs are met. This includes confirming the product is fit for purpose and meets the specifications requested.

“We carry out incoming material inspections to ensure we provide the very best product for our clients when recycled. Fit for purpose on time, every time,” says James Davies, SCE Materials Innovation & Technical Manager.

Waste materials accepted

  • Building & demolition wastes from - concrete and brick to roof tiles and asphalt
  • Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM)
  • Excavated Natural Material (ENM)
  • General Solid Waste (GSW-CT1) - excavated sand or soil

There’s no doubt quality control is taken very seriously at SCE, if you have asbestos in your load the chances are they will find it.

“Our asbestos control is well above industry requirements with all materials inspected on the weighbridge, again when tipped at the stockpile and then finally when sent for chemical analysis during our crushing process, twice every day,” Davies added.

“The material inspection is necessary to ensure that no asbestos or other types of contamination are hidden in any tipped loads.”

“We also check all material when it is being crushed and screened to ensure that it is the right product, sizing is correct and removing foreign materials such as timber, plastic and metal.”

SCE manufactures and supplies and range of products including;

  • Unbound pavement (base & sub base) material
  • Bound pavement (base & sub base) material
  • Hardstand material
  • Drainage & filter aggregates
  • Select and general fill
  • Rail pavement materials
  • Under slab dust & bedding material

And the consequences for offenders can be serious, possibly including suspension.

“If you bring contaminated materials to our sites rejection is guaranteed. The customer and any material from the project will be suspended from entering the site again.”