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August 20, 2018

SCE makes short work of soil destined for landfill

Soil previously consigned to landfill is now being turned into a valuable commodity for the landscape market by innovative Wollongong-based recycling company SCE.

SCE is putting soil into a trommel screen, also known as a rotary screen, to recover construction and demolition waste (concrete/brick) from the soil fines.

“The trommel helps separate and recover C&D materials and break clay lumps up, leaving a screened soil product," explains SCE Materials Innovation and Technical Manager, James Davies.

"Traditional screens tend to bind up very quickly and not recover the waste stream we are looking for” 

Davies says the end product, a -10mm screened soil, makes a better, more versatile soil which is easier for the landscape market to use for turf underlay, bedding soils, top dressing or mixing with organic matter and it becomes compost.

Greater efficiency

“We would have to put it through a flat deck two or three times to get the recovery rate that we are getting out of the trommel,” Davies said.

“The brooms on the top of the trommel also keep the screen surface clear allowing greater volumes of soil to be processed and also to utilise the machine for the production of cleaner volumes of 10mm and 20mm aggregate for the drainage aggregate market.”

Looking to remove or import soil? SCE Sydney Soil Solutions can arrange the removal and disposal of excavation and demolition wastes.