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September 2, 2021

SCE Queensland Transport Depot Open

SCE has opened its interstate Transport and Logistics depot in Archerfield, Brisbane providing a range of heavy haulage, transport and distribution services for intrastate and interstate markets.

The local team of transport and logistics specialists have access to a versatile fleet including B/Doubles, Tippers, Truck/Dogs Tippers, Skels and Tautliners. The fleet features everything from one-tonne taxi trucks up to crane trucks, low loaders, semi-trailers, and more.

The team is transporting materials up and down the eastern seaboard including:

  • Shred and heavy metal beams, tube and pipe ex various Brisbane depots to port of Brisbane ready for export 
  • Fertilisers ex Bris to North Queensland and out west, loading grain and scrap for the backload, using different configurations to avoid contamination
  • Scrap and aluminium ex Qld to Newcastle and loading waste back up.
  • Firewood ex North Queensland to Victoria and various products back up.
  • Clean fill out of the CBD of Brisbane to various designated sites using Truck and Dogs 
  • Scrap ex Biloela power station into Gladstone for export markets

From port to warehouse, and farm to factory, there’s nothing we can’t transport, handle and store to help our customers run more efficiently. 

  • Scrap metal including shred, heavy metal, light gauge heavy metal.
  • Fertiliser
  • Lime
  • Builders waste
  • Firewood
  • Potatoes
  • Copper
  • Hay Bales
  • Grains

Established in 1961, SCE is renowned for it's reliability, on time delivery and cost effectiveness, offering flexible and tailored services for our customers’ needs, including transporting a variety of bulk products, in the industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, waste, building and construction, steel and mining sectors.

SCE is a Covid safe business. Our Transport, Freight and Logistics operations are conducted following our COVID-19 safety plans and protocols and compliance with relevant state or territory government public health directions.