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June 24, 2022

The Business Case for Using Recycled Materials

Each year, vast quantities of construction and demolition waste ends up in landfill. According to the 2020 National Waste Report, 21.9 million tonnes of waste was produced by the construction and demolition industries in Australia that year. 

Most of this waste comes from large-scale projects, including infrastructure and large commercial and multi-residential building construction. That is over a third of all waste produced in the country, and the problem continues to grow. 

The truth is that most construction and demolition wastes don’t have to end up in landfill. These wastes can be processed into an endless source of new civil construction materials.

Many project managers and construction teams aren’t aware of the potential time and money savings associated with using recycled materials. In some cases, using recycled materials or repurposed building elements can reduce the cost of purchasing new materials and transport costs.

SCE is passionate about helping businesses reduce waste production and reduce their reliance on landfills. We provide value to our clients by transforming industrial and construction waste into superior recycled construction materials for mining and civil construction applications.

SCE manufactures and supplies a range of recycled products, including;

  • Base and sub-base pavement material
  • Hardstand material
  • Drainage and filter aggregates
  • Select and general fill
  • Rail pavement materials
  • Under-slab dust and pipe bedding material

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of recycled construction materials, we provide innovative material solutions for the mining and civil construction industries. We are always looking for creative ways to reduce waste and environmental impact.