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March 3, 2023

Three Ways Business Can Be More Sustainable

Environmental sustainability is vital for the survival of future generations. Businesses are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon output and impact on the environment. There are recent improvements in opportunities in this area for construction and mining industries to take onboard. 

Here are three ways business can be more sustainable

1. Reusing Construction and Demolition Waste

Companies (like your friendly team at SCE), transform industrial and construction waste, as well as by-products, into recycled construction materials for mining and civil applications. SCE provide these quality recycled construction materials throughout NSW including the greater Sydney Region, the north coastand south coast regions.

2. Switch to more eco-friendly equipment

Battery-driven equipment is often powerful enough to replace diesel-driven options. Replacing diesel engines with electric, where possible, can significantly reduce the amount of CO2 produced by operations

3. Replenishing the environment

There are simple solutions that go a long way towards increasing the environmental sustainability of a mining or construction business. These include replenishing native soils and grasses, recycling excess waste and replanting natural forestry.