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November 7, 2022

Waste isn’t waste until it’s wasted

It's that time of year again, with National Recycling Week kicking off on 7th November.

This year, National Recycling Week explores the idea that 'waste isn't waste until it's wasted.' 

It is a reminder that reducing our waste – domestic, commercial, and industrial - keeps valuable materials out of landfills and benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The most crucial benefit of construction and demolition recycling is putting less strain on the Earth's resources by finding ways to reuse or recycle construction and demolition waste. 

When construction and demolition waste materials and by-products are reused, the demand for raw materials and energy consumption decreases. 

Less waste also lessens our need for landfills, allowing that land to be used for other purposes, including community use. It also reduces greenhouse emissions and other gas pollutants from waste in landfills.

Each year, vast quantities of construction and demolition waste end up in landfill. According to the 2020 National Waste Report, 21.9 million tonnes of waste was produced by the construction and demolition industries in Australia that year. 

SCE processes C&D Waste into an endless source of new civil construction materials.

"In the last 6 years, SCE has supplied almost 1.5 million tonnes of recycled materials for roadmaking! This is equivalent to nearly 250,000 kms of road"

While SCE is making good inroads in the construction and demolition space, there is still much to do. 

If you're not already, start to reduce, reuse, and recycle in November and remember, it's not waste until it's wasted!