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November 15, 2022

What is telematics, and how do we use it?

Here at SCE, we have transported bulk products for over 50 years. From farm produce in the agricultural sector to bulk materials for heavy industries such as mining, steel, and civil construction.

To transport these loads safely while ensuring we deliver on time, we employ a sophisticated telematics system to assist with compliance and communication.

Telematics uses GPS technology and onboard diagnostics to monitor individual vehicles or fleets. 

The telematics system gathers data, including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics, and vehicle activity. Our fleet operators then use this data to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Through adopting this technology, the SCE team has developed systems that have more efficient routing and scheduling while ensuring the safety of our drivers.

"Allocators monitor truck delays and can better predict timing to re-schedule load allocations to meet customer requirements."

Our telematics system has also allowed us to maximise effectiveness for external parties. From energy efficiency to traffic management, helping us make more practical choices for everyone.  

Tracking live Vehicle Odometer readings allows for advanced maintenance planning to meet service intervals on time. 

Assets can also be viewed live by our maintenance personnel to monitor engine values such as component temperatures and pressures and electrical information such as current and battery voltage that can help with roadside diagnostics.

"It is a great tool for managing driver's hours and monitoring fatigue. Also vital in pricing jobs correctly, providing all the data needed such as average speed, travel time, time loading and unloading."

Better yet, telematic systems incorporated at SCE assist with sustainability by providing vehicle performance mapping to monitor excessive idle time and subsequent fuel wastage. Analytical reporting also compares the fuel economy of vehicles in the fleet to assist in detecting engine or driving performance issues.

"Telematics allows SCE to update vehicle documentation live for drivers, road authorities, or customers rather than waiting for a truck to return to the depot to have documents provided manually."

We pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our staff and multi-skilled drivers and operators. They have helped develop our reputation of being reliable, honest, and safely doing the job. 

Chat with our team today if you're looking for a quality bulk transport company that can do more than transport material.