SCE Transport (SCET) is comprised of a fleet of company owned vehicles supported by a dedicated and accredited fleet of subcontractor vehicles based in the Illawarra and Hunter regions of NSW and are a mix of both truck and dog and trailer configurations.

SCE supplies a complete logistics package operating over 100 vehicles and is able to transport a diversity of bulk materials within NSW.

SCE has bulk warehousing facilities at Kemblawarra in Wollongong adjacent to Port Kembla harbour for the storage and distribution of bulk materials.

SCE Transport is TruckSafe accredited which provides a self regulatory business and risk management system designed for the monitoring and continual improvement of the safety and professionalism of transport operators, monitored by the Australian Transport Association.

SCE Transport uses heavy vehicles and other equipment in the conduct of their business and through SCE Group's Environment Sustainability Programme has a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of that equipment.

SCE Transport is also accredited to ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems.