Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

SCE Group is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment.

SCE Group undertakes to:
> promote equal opportunity in all aspects of the Group’s activities;
> eliminate direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of:
     · race, colour, national or ethnic origin, nationality;
     · sex or gender, sexual preference, marital status, pregnancy;
     · religious or political belief;
     · age, disability, medical record; and
     ·  any other grounds which due consideration determines to be the basis of discriminatory practice.
> create an environment where staff are able to work effectively without fear of
   discrimination or harassment;
> use non-discriminatory language in all Group documents.

SCE Group will do everything possible to create and sustain an organisational environment that supports mutual trust and assists employees to develop their personal capacities to the full.

Through its policies and practices, SCE Group will implement the following principles:

      ·  fair practices in the workplace;
      ·  management decisions being made without bias;
      · recognition of, and respect for, the social and cultural backgrounds of all employees and all clients’ employees;
      · employment practices which produce employee satisfaction, commitment to the job and the delivery of quality services to customers.
      R Newman
      Managing Director
      March 8, 2010