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SCE Group (SCE) provides a wide range of operations covering quarry products and services; concrete batch plants, supply and services; construction and demolition material recycling; the processing and handling of slag; materials processing; and transport.

SCE operates sales and distribution operations from their quarries in the Illawarra and the Hunter Valley, providing crushed basalt quarry aggregates for concrete, road bases and pavement, drainage, crusher dusts, stemming aggregates for the mining industry and other blended materials.

The SCE concrete batch plants provide quality supply and service to the Illawarra region's building industry from domestic to large-scale residential and commercial projects.

The SCE construction and demolition material recycling facility processes materials by crushing, screening and/or blending and by incorporating other additives to produce specific products, offering clients a total solution package of products and services to meet their particular needs.

Through the processing of industrial slag, a co-product of the steelmaking industry, SCE provides superior products for road base, capping, stabilisation and other specialised applications, as well as for standard construction purposes. Slag, a 100% recyclable industrial resource, reduces energy consumption, conserves natural resources and preserves natural landscapes.

The transport division has bases in the Illawarra and Newcastle regions and offers clients complete logistics management solution packages for transporting and bulk warehousing of a diversity of bulk materials within NSW and interstate.

SCE specialises in the handling and screening of materials for glass and metallurgical industries, bulk bagging and the manufacture of proprietary products under licence for international companies.