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Policies & Compliance

SCE is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment, training and culture for employees, contractors, site visitors and the communities in which we operate to help us achieve our goals.

We comply with all EPA regulations, while our ISO accreditation means you can trust our products are of the highest quality. The principles and practices outlined in our policies are embedded in the SCE way.

SCE Chain of Responsibility Policy

SCE is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, visitors and the General Public. SCE has developed this policy in relation to its Chain of Responsibilities (CoR) obligations under the Heavy Vehicle Law (HVNL). We recognise our various roles within the CoR and have developed an integrated management system to facilitate compliance to this legislation.

We are committed to achieving our compliance, and this forms part of our fundamental business principles which is underpinned by a management approach that requires the ongoing commitment of all management, employees, contractors and suppliers.


We are committed to:

  • Managing driver fatigue, speeding, load restraint, mass management and vehicle maintenance.
  • Minimising risk associated with these five core principles of CoR with the aim of ultimately eliminating breaches of CoR.
  • Putting driver health, the welfare the General Public and the interests of our customers first.
  • Meeting or exceeding applicable legislation, codes of practice, standards and SCE’s related policies and standards.
  • Establishing measurable CoR objectives and targets.
  • Encouraging and supporting employees, contractors' and visitors' contributions to the improvement of CoR through appropriate consultation, information, training and supervision.
  • Continuously improve our CoR management.

SCE Environment Policy

SCE is committed to ensuring all business activities comply with environmental legislation and are aligned with industry standards and community expectations.

We will achieve this by –

  • Adopting practical and feasible management work practices that limit our environmental footprint upon natural resources, the land, air and water quality.
  • Being pro-active in the assessment of the client’s environmental requirements.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining management standards and systems.
  • Set and review measurable objectives and targets.
  • Where possible and practical, continually improve our processes to minimise our pollution and environmental footprint.
  • Complying with Environment legislation and the relevant standards of our clients.
  • Operating with  Management Systems certified to ISO 14001
  • Communicating with our employees and engaging with local government and the community on environmental issues that may affect the SCE.
  • Ensuring employees, contractors and others are informed of and understand their environmental obligations.
  • Maintaining effective management systems and procedures that identify environmental hazards, assess the risk of the hazard and have effective controls for that risk are in place (hazards eliminated or risks reduced).
  • Providing ongoing training to meet Environmental and operational requirements.
  • Regularly monitoring our progress.
  • Selecting business partners who possess acceptable environmental credentials in line with legislation and industry standards as part of the selection process.


SCE Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

SCE recognises that its workforce is made up of individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, opinions and perspectives. SCE promotes a workplace where individual differences are respected and where people treat each other with dignity and with concern for each other’s individual rights and needs.

SCE will seek to achieve its commitment to equal employment opportunity (EEO) by:

  • implementing policies and procedures that comply with obligations under state and federal anti-discrimination legislation, as well as, legislation with respect to forced labour, visa and immigration, child labour and any other relevant employment practices legislation;
  • providing training to personnel on its mission and values, EEO procedures and other associated policies regarding appropriate workplace behaviour;
  • recruiting, selecting and appointing applicants who best fit position requirements and who demonstrate qualities that are consistent with SCE’s mission and values;
  • ensuring employment decisions and practices (including decisions with respect to training, remuneration, benefits, promotions etc) are made that reflect SCE’s commitment to EEO and non-discrimination in the workplace;
  • implementing employment practices which produce employee satisfaction, commitment to the job and the delivery of quality services to SCE’s customers; and
  • providing appropriate opportunities to assist employees to develop to their full personal and professional capacity.

SCE Quality Policy

SCE develops, produces and delivers quality products, services and innovative solutions, consistent with our customers' expectations & interested parties.

In order to determine our strategic direction, SCE will develop & maintain a Corporate Risk Register & identify interested parties relevant to the Quality Management System.

We ensure the effectiveness of these products, services and solutions through the implementation and continual improvement of our Management Systems

Our company and customers' expectations are achieved by understanding their needs and through the establishment, communication and regular review of Quality Objectives.

We conduct our business as a responsible and ethical member of our community.

We achieve these aims by -

  • developing and maintaining systems and procedures defining quality critical processes  and requirements
  • developing effective monitoring systems that ensure quality and customer satisfaction  are maintained and opportunities for improvement identified
  • operating with a management system that is certified to ISO 9001
  • providing ongoing training to personnel in order to achieve effective quality management
  • expecting excellence in customer service and product quality
  • communicating and engaging with personnel within the organisation
  • achieving objectives as documented within Business Plans, contracts and Management Plans.

SCE Safety Policy

SCE is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our safety and workplace health programs with a focus on reducing risk and the elimination of work related illness and injury.


We are committed to:

  • Zero Harm
  • Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for SCE employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Managing risk, to minimise harm in the workplace.
  • Meeting or exceeding applicable legislation, codes of practice, standards and SCE’s related policies and standards.
  • Establishing measurable safety objectives and targets.
  • Encouraging and supporting employees, contractors' and visitors' contributions to the improvement of workplace safety and health through appropriate consultation, information, training and supervision.
  • Promoting consultation between management, employees and contractors on matters affecting safety and health including any workplace changes that may affect safety and health.
  • Continuously improve our management of safety.

EPA Orders and Exemptions

Consumer Requirements

As a consumer please be aware of your requirements in accordance with the EPA Resource Recovery Exemptions.

EPA Resource recovery exemptions contain the conditions which consumers must meet to use waste for the purposes described. These conditions may include requirements on how to re-use or apply the waste, as well as record-keeping, reporting and other requirements. All resource recovery exemptions are made under clauses 91 and 92 of the 2014 Waste Regulation. SCE comply with all the relevant conditions of the POEO Act 2014.

EPA Current Orders and Exemptions