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SCE comprises a variety of businesses involved in essential and innovative materials handling solutions.

From our support team in head office to our plant operators and sub-contractors our people are an important part of the SCE team, each with a critical role to play. All pulling in the same direction and toward the same goals.

As a company we’re committed to providing training, a positive working environment and an inclusive culture to help us achieve our goals.

  • We pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver reliable material services in the most efficient, cost effective and safe manner.
  • We aim to establish long term relationships with our clients and the community based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.
  • We never take short term gain at the expense of long term gain, we are here to create our future and provide stability for our people.
  • We work to develop the most efficient method of delivery.
  • We understand that we need to adapt and change in order to be at the forefront of material solutions.
  • We applaud and cherish initiative, and commit to a progressive approach recognising delivery as an essential ingredient, whilst always aspiring toward delivering the material difference as a service ethos embedded in the SCE way.