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Mining Material Supply and Management

Due to the complex nature of the mining industry, getting most of your mining project and do it in an efficient way is a constant challenge. SCE has been involved in mining services for well over 30 years and we have world class mining machinery as well as highly specialised mining operators servicing all facets of the mining industry, such as:

  • Stockpile Management
  • Emplacement Services
  • Civil Projects
  • Water management; and
  • Transport solutions

SCE is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural and recycled products and innovative material solutions to the mining industry.

If you need quality natural and recycled materials, we manufacture them ourselves and can deliver anywhere, anytime.

SCE manufactures and supplies and range of products including;

  • Concrete aggregates
  • Road bases
  • Rail ballast
  • Sealing Aggregates
  • Asphalt Aggregates
  • Drainage aggregates
  • Crusher dusts
  • Stemming aggregates
  • Mines Ballast
  • Pre coated aggregates

We comply with all EPA regulations, while our ISO accreditation means you can trust our products are of the highest quality.

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